Awakening, beauty, and love
for those living with
Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Journeyscape Design introduces
"Every Moment I Will Hold You"

Our mission is to share radiant love. We provide adventure, beauty, color, and joy through auditory and visual enrichment and the awakening of the memory. “Every Moment I Will Hold You” is meant to bring comfort and transport you and your loved ones to an escape that will touch your heart.

Our product will engage those who experience Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, progressive degenerative disorders, stroke, depression, loneliness, or any other life altering challenge.

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Marianna Newman

Founder and Director


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Journeyscape Design presents:

“Every Moment I Will Hold You”

Sharing adventure, beauty, color, and love

Chapter Titles

1. The Flower Garden
Classic Cars
3. Get Away To The Beach
4. Down By The Ferry
The Amusement Park

7. Country Living
8. Airplanes
9. Beautiful Horses & Friends
10. Pups and Dogs
11. Cats
12. At The Zoo

Reprise of Flowers and Title Song: Every Moment I Will Hold You

Would you like to create company for your loved one through this movie of adventure, beauty, color and love?

Therapeutic Interventions

* to provide a peaceful, colorful environment
* to create a journey into the outside world
* to nurture verbal and non-verbal communication

* to initiate "reminiscence" therapy
* to provide sensory enrichment
* to promote socialization
* to promote happiness

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* Family member, Caregiver, or Person buying a gift for a loved one

* Directors, Therapists, Administrators, Agency or Care Consultants

*Any photo that is included in the entire DVD can be purchased separately.
Please contact Marianna for more information.

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Patients or Residents

• to create visual and auditory enrichment
• to provide socialization
• to provide sensory enrichment
• to engage family members with their loved one
• to share an experience full of beauty and color
• to generate verbal interactions and conversation
• to offer cognitive stimulation
• to take the viewer on an adventure


Would you like to create an escape for you and your loved ones through pictures and music?

Would you like to share beautiful photos as you spend moments with your loved one?

Would you like to awaken the memories of your special times together?

Would you like to create new conversations and loving interactions?

Care Givers

• create a wonderful escape with your loved one
• use this DVD to generate new conversations
• “remember” adventures together
• provide sensory enrichment in the comfort of your home
• to share an experience full of beauty and color

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• Imagine an experience of seeing beautiful pictures that make you feel happy
• Imagine smiling with your loved ones as your memories are awakened
• Imagine hearing someone sing a beautiful love song to you
• Let your imagination be free with this unique DVD

* Family member, Caregiver, or Person buying a gift for a loved one
* Directors, Administrators, Agency or Care Consultants

Colorful Brain
  • Amusement Park

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  • The Garden

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  • Classic Cars

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  • At the The Zoo

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  • Country Living

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Get Away to the Beach

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Pups and Dogs

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About Me

Marianna Newman Headshot

Marianna Newman, MS, CTRS, CDP,
FOUNDER, Director, Journeyscape Design

Marianna Newman has been a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for over 32 years specializing in the Creative and Performing Arts. She has worked in various settings from her hometown in Providence, RI to Columbia, South Carolina. She received her BS in Therapeutic Recreation with a concentration in Dance from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. She immediately received her Master’s Degree as the Graduate Assistant in Therapeutic Recreation from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT.

For her new gift to others, Marianna has combined her joy as a therapist and her love for photography to create a beautiful movie picture slide show for those who experience neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s. The therapeutic interventions have reached many populations with very positive outcomes. This movie has also been used with those who experience addiction, depression, stroke, PTSD, cancer, traumatic brain injury and other challenging life changing events. This film is children friendly.

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